6. Reporting of Final Course Grades

a.    The final standing of each student in a course is reported to the Office of the Registrar, on a form provided for the purpose, as soon as possible after the scheduled final examination or, in courses that do not have final examinations, the deadline for submission of final papers or other final exercises, and in any case within the following limits: in courses involving less than twenty students the report is to be submitted within three days; in other courses the report is to be submitted within six days.

b.    Only the final grade in a course is reported to the Office of the Registrar but term grades and the final examination grade should be available if the Committee on Examinations and Standing requests information about marginal or failing students.

c.    If a student has been absent from the final examination or has not completed other major requirements, he or she is to be reported “Inc” (incomplete) only if the student has made arrangements through the Office of the Dean of the College to complete the course. Otherwise the student’s final grade is to be computed assuming that he or she has a failing grade on the final examination or other missing component(s). (See The Undergraduate Announcement: Academic Regulations.)

d.    When a student fails a course, the instructor submits to the Committee on Examinations and Standing a written report on the student's work. These reports are reviewed by the Committee before it places a student on academic probation or requires a student to withdraw from the University.

e.    After a final grade has been reported to the Office of the Registrar, any request for a change in the grade shall be made by the instructor in charge of the course. A request for a change of grade must include an adequate statement of grounds on which it is made. The Committee on Examinations and Standing reviews all requests for changes of grade.

f.     If a student so requests, an instructor should go over a student’s examination paper with him or her so that the student may have a clearer idea of his or her strengths and weaknesses.

g.    The University considers the academic record of each student to represent highly personal information properly available for use within the University only by appropriate persons. For a full statement of the University’s policies concerning the confidentiality of student records, see the “University Privacy Policy and Procedures” statement, available from the Office of the Secretary. Also see Section V.F. above.