7. Rescheduling of Final Examinations

a.    The registrar, acting for the Committee on Examinations and Standing, may authorize a student to take an examination up to 24 hours before or after the scheduled examination time. Appropriate reasons for granting such requests are religious days, personal emergencies, and more than one examination scheduled in a single calendar day. Examinations will normally be rescheduled during the 24 hours after the scheduled examination time; examinations will be rescheduled during the 24-hour period before the regularly scheduled time only in the most unusual and compelling circumstances. In no such cases will a faculty member be required to administer the examination more than twice. This provision does not preclude additional administrations of an examination by the registrar or other responsible individuals designated by the registrar.

b.    The Office of the Dean of the College, acting for the Committee on Examinations and Standing may authorize rescheduled final examinations beyond the 24-hour period on the basis of applications from individual students. (See The Undergraduate Announcement: Academic Regulations.) Responsibility for all arrangements connected with such examinations is taken by the Office of the Registrar. Postponed final examinations for the fall term courses will be scheduled during the third week of spring term classes, and for spring term courses, during the week preceding the beginning of the next fall term.

c.    Final grades are normally reporting using the letters A, B, C, D, and F. Members of the Faculty may, at their discretion, report pluses and minuses with A’s, B’s, and C’s. P’s may be reported in courses offered exclusively on a pass/D/fail basis. (The Office of the Registrar will convert letter grades of C- or higher to P’s in the case of individual students electing courses under the pass/D/fail option.) The A+ should be regarded as an exceptional grade reserved for work of extraordinary merit. A faculty member who awards the grade of A+ must submit to the Committee on Examinations and Standing a written report explaining how the student’s course work or independent work meets the instructor’s standards for truly outstanding work. A+ statements become a part of students’ permanent records and will be made available to them as a matter of course. The statements may be reviewed by University committees making decisions about academic honors, awards, and prizes, and by administrators and faculty preparing institutional recommendations for applicants to medical school and institutional endorsements for candidates in national fellowship competitions.

d.    When a postponed final examination has been authorized in a course, the instructor in charge of the course is notified of the fact and given a list of students who are entitled to take the examination. The instructor in charge prepares a question paper as soon as possible and sends it to the Office of the Registrar. At the same time the instructor informs the Office of the Registrar which member of the Faculty will read the completed examinations. If examinations are to be read by another member of the Faculty, the instructor in charge of the course provides a list of students expected to take the examination together with their grades in the course exclusive of the final examination.

e.    Rescheduled final examinations are conducted under the supervision of the Committee on Examinations and Standing by the Office of the Registrar acting for the Committee.

f.     Regular final grades are assigned to each student on the basis of the completed rescheduled examination. If not completed by the stipulated deadline, a failing grade is assigned to the examination and an appropriate final grade reported.