5. Part-Time Appointments

The rules, procedures, and other arrangements described in this publication apply in various ways to part-time employees. Those contemplating part-time employment should consult with their supervisors, the Human Resources Librarian, and the Associate Dean of the Faculty for specific questions of concern. In general:

a. All part-time staff members are covered by the rules and procedures governing salary advancement and promotion except that, at the discretion of the University Librarian, a staff member working less than 100% may have the decision for promotion from Associate Librarian to Librarian postponed for up to two years if conditions are such that a decision cannot be made within the normal time. Staff members employed less than 50% time are not eligible for continuing appointment.

b. Normally, those whose appointments are at least five months, at 50% or greater time, are eligible for the same benefits as full-time staff members. Some benefits are prorated based on duty time.

c. With special permission part-time staff members have the benefit of the research leave and other service arrangements described in Section C of this chapter (Chapter IV) and in the Benefits, Compensation, and Resources section of our website.