A. Responsibilities

The academic research manager ranks are reserved for individuals with a wide breadth of expertise spanning multiple aspects of leadership in academic research. This rank is intended for those who have completed their Ph.D. and can thrive in completing complex tasks including (1) leading academic research projects, (2) research project/team management, (3) developing methodology, (4) analyzing data, and (5) communicating academic/scientific research findings to the broader scientific community. Academic research managers work under the direction of members of the faculty, department chairs, and/or unit directors.

The descriptions of the two academic research manager ranks set forth the minimum levels of achievement and responsibility expected of those appointed or promoted to each rank. While encouraged to make original contributions in the area of research for which they are employed, those in the academic research manager ranks are less likely to have opportunities to pursue independent research work than individuals in the research scholar ranks. Consequently, changes in salary and promotion are based chiefly on their contributions to the research programs in which they work (as per the five areas mentioned above), rather than on their independent contributions of new knowledge in their disciplines. In some instances, those in the academic research manager ranks are called upon to instruct, advise, and supervise students in their areas of responsibility. However, any formal teaching assignment requires the recommendation of the department or program and the approval of the dean of the faculty.