Visitors to Princeton

The community of ideas that defines Princeton expands beyond our formal bounds, and is enlivened and enriched by the visiting scholars who join us for term-based research and teaching engagements.

Incoming Visitors

Complete the onboarding process and connect with the wealth of resources available to you.

Visitor Ranks & Appointments

Understand the ranks held by visiting faculty and academic professionals and the appointment process for each.

Visitor Benefits

Explore opportunities and benefits designed to support you as a visiting faculty member or academic professional.

Featured Programs

Princeton has long invited groundbreaking scholars to campus, dating to our earliest roots. As we look forward, we continue to invest in programming designed to spark new connections.

Visiting Professorships for Distinguished Teaching

This flagship program housed within the University’s Presidential Teaching Initiatives invites visiting faculty across fields by nomination. Appointees are renowned teachers and scholars with a track record of pedagogic innovation and excellence.

Professor showing printed book to students

Guidelines, Rules & Procedures

Visiting scholars and visiting researchers at Princeton are required to follow the University’s general rules of conduct (as defined in Rights, Rules and Responsibilities and in the Rules and Procedures, to the fullest extent possible, the University’s guidelines governing academic freedom and the use and ownership of intellectual property. Visitors must remain fully employed outside the University and must inform their outside employers of the terms and conditions of this appointment. Visitors must also assume full legal responsibility for their conduct while at the University. Princeton reserves the right to withdraw the appointment should these terms and conditions not be met.