Computer Facilities

Academic Professionals are pre-assigned University Network IDs that allow access to the Internet, email, and World Wide Web resources, as well as campus computing and network services. The ID also can be used by managers of departmental systems to extend access to those local resources.

The instructional support staff of the Office of Information Technology (OIT) works with faculty and staff on use of media, computing, and other technologies for instruction. The OIT staff helps establish virtual classroom environments using the Blackboard system and assists with class-specific webpages and class-specific electronic mailing lists. OIT also can install licensed software for class use in campus computer clusters and can stock audio and video materials for class use. OIT supports and maintains classroom technologies, the University language laboratory, and both the Educational Technology Center and the New Media Center for development of instructional materials. For more information, faculty/staff can contact the New Media Lab by phone at (609) 258-6073 or by email (; and the Educational Technology Center by phone at (609) 258-6903 or by email (

OIT also assists with the selection and configuration of desktop computers and offers a variety of in-office computing support services including hardware and software installation and troubleshooting. The OIT Help Desk assists faculty and staff with information on use of the campus and network resources. Telephone and voice mail service and office connection to the campus television system are also available to faculty and staff through OIT. A more complete list of available services and support can be found here.

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