Education and Training Programs

Computing and Information Technology Programs

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) offers a wide variety of IT training for faculty. The Digital Learning Lab conducts a series of workshops each semester. In-office appointments introducing faculty to Blackboard, the University’s online course information system, is also provided through OIT Academic Services. For faculty who need to use University administrative systems, ongoing training workshops in the basic use of these tools are also available. More information on OIT training for faculty can be found at

Program in Continuing Education

Under the University's Program in Continuing Education, members of the Faculty with at least six months of service at 50 percent duty time and their spouses, same-sex domestic partners, and dependents may enroll in one course at Princeton University each semester at a reduced tuition rate. Admission to the program is selective, based on the quality of the applicant's academic and nonacademic experience as related to the plan of study. Applicants are asked to submit letters of reference, transcripts, and test scores, if available. Admission decisions are made by the Director of the Program in Continuing Education. The Office of the Dean of the Graduate School is consulted when an applicant wishes to enroll in a graduate course. Continuing education students fully participate in class and receive a transcript of grades for completed courses. However, they are enrolled on a term-by-term basis and are not eligible for a Princeton degree. Each year, the Program in Continuing Education announces the scale of tuition charges. For further information, call the Office of Community and Regional Affairs at (609) 258-3204 or visit the Continuing Education website.


Members of the faculty (excluding visitors) whose duty time is 50 percent or greater for appointments of four and a half months or more are eligible to participate in the benefit described above. These summaries are for general information only. The University intends to continue each of the benefit plans but reserves the right to terminate or amend any plan at any time and for any reason. Any inquiries concerning details of the benefit listed here should be addressed to the Office of Human Resources, Overlook Center, Suite 400, (609) 258-3300. More detailed information can also be found on the Human Resources website.

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