New Jersey Paid Family Leave

The New Jersey Paid Family Leave law allows eligible employees up to six weeks of paid leave to be with a child after birth or adoption, or to care for a family member with a serious health condition. Under State law, the University withholds a state tax of 0.1% of the taxable wage base from employees’ paychecks to finance this program. The taxable wage base changes each year and was $32,000 in 2015; the maximum yearly deduction was $31.50. New Jersey Paid Family Leave may provide up to two-thirds of your base salary, up to a weekly maximum, that will be payable through the State. For 2015, the weekly maximum was $595. The amounts for 2016 were not released as of the printing of this booklet.

If you have questions about the New Jersey Paid Family Leave Insurance provisions or would like to obtain an application form, contact a member of the Human Resources Benefits Team at (609) 258-3302 or