Vacations, Holidays, and Sick Time

Professional Researchers (including Postdoctoral Research Associates), Specialists, and Librarians earn vacation at a rate of two work days for each month of service, resulting in 24 vacation days during each year of service. Up to 48 days may be accrued. Scheduling of vacation time is dependent on approval of the department chair, project leader, or supervisor, and is managed through the Human Resources self-service website.

Staff members who leave the service of the University and who have earned vacation which has not yet been taken will receive pay in lieu of vacation up to a maximum of 30 days unless they are supported on term funding. Individuals who leave without giving appropriate notice may forfeit this pay.

Official University holidays are announced prior to the beginning of the academic year. There are usually nine scheduled holidays. In addition, employees have two personal days that must be taken in the fiscal year in which they are allocated and cannot be carried over into the following fiscal year. 

The University provides employees with up to eight sick days per fiscal year. Sick days may be taken for personal illness, injury or accident or for the care of a sick or injured immediate family member or resident member of the household. Employees may roll over any portion of up to 8 unused sick days from the current fiscal year to the next fiscal year, up to a combined maximum of 16 days. Unused sick days are not compensated for upon termination of an employee. Sick days are managed through the Human Resources self-service website.

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